Website Design

CIE can provide you with your custom presence on the Internet.  Whether you are simply looking for a site that will provide visitors with information about your company or institution or you need full blown applications, we can the right site for you.  Your site can be as small and simple or as large and comprehensive as you need.  Please call us to get some examples of the excellent sites we have designed.

Access – Email Setup

If you need to implement a solution to provide your staff with high-speed access to the internet, we can help.  If you are looking to create a wireless environment for employees and / or visitors to your offices, we can help there as well.  CIE can help you design the exact Internet access solution to meet your company’s needs from DSL to full T1.  We can also design the best email solutions to fit your
needs.  Whether you need a couple of POP email accounts or  a complete MS Exchange Server for many
employees, we’ll design and implement it for you.  We can also design solutions for remote email access.

Online Applications

CIE can design online applications to help your employees get their work done or to help visitors get more information about your services and products.  We can help you setup an online store where visitors can purchase your products or search your inventory for products they need.  This is a very efficient way for your customers to get the information they need without the expense of dedicating employees to answering questions for ‘tire kickers’.  Give us a call to help you get your products on the web or to make your employees productive from the office or from remote locations.

General Assistance
Whether you need to get onto the internet for the first time or you need to expand a large office environment’s Internet access, CIE can help.  From helping with Domain names, email access, websites or on-line applications, CIE will help you design and implement the best solution.  The Internet is the best way to get your company’s information to the largest possible audience.  If you have not yet
created your Internet presence, please give us a call to get you ‘on the web’.