Group Training
CIE can provide training classes for groups at your training facility.  Courses are generally one full day.
We will gear the course content to your specific needs.

Private Training
CIE can provide custom private training sessions for individuals.  These sessions can be held in the  comfort of your office.

Custom Sessions
CIE will gear classes to meet your specific needs.  As an example, if your attendee’s need to learn specific functions in MS Word or Excel, we will focus on the topics you specify.  We will also gear the class examples to documents that your employees use on a daily or regular basis.

After your classes are over, your employees are not just left on their own to use the software.  If they need to have questions answered, they can call us.  CIE will answer a reasonable amount of questions in
a timely manner.  Should the employee need additional or private ‘booster’ sessions, we can schedule them.

Hands-on Training
CIE knows that the best way to learn is ‘to do’.  That is why we recommend that all students have their own computer to use during each class.  People learn and retain much more, if they have completed the functions being taught in class than by simply watching and listening.  If you don’t have enough computers or laptops at your location to create a hands-on classroom setting, CIE can arrange to have computers provided for classes.