Need to give your staff remote access to data?
Time to implement a new in-house network?
Modifying user accounts and privileges?
Need to take control of company email?
Upgrading operating systems, network software, user applications?
Having problems with connectivity issues?

CIE will assist you right from the beginning. Whether you  need to implement a new network or upgrade an existing one, we can provide the knowledge needed to make it run efficiently!  If you need a support structure to handle any networking needs, we can offer support programs designed to keep your network ‘on-line’ and fit into your budget requirements.


Purchasing new systems?
Expanding your Network?
Focusing more on the Internet?

CIE can assist you with recommendations on the best types of systems to suit your specific needs. We can also follow through by providing and installing new technology. If you need to expand your computer network, we can recommend the networking hardware and software environment to perform at maximum speed and efficiency for your situation.   If you are planning on increasing your internet access speed, setup an Internet, Intranet or Extranet presence, we’ll assist you with all aspects of design and implementation.


Need a specific application to get the job done?

CIE will work with you to establish your exact application requirements. We can provide you with
custom solutions by automating tasks in existing applications, setting up user templates and macros or
designing complete applications to suit your needs.  We are experienced in providing application solutions in a variety of industries.   We are especially focused on providing solutions in
MS Office applications and Visual Basic for stand-alone applications.


Having system problems?  Unable to determine the issue?  They’re costing you money!
Need an expert to help you get something done quickly?
Have questions about technology?

CIE can answer your questions and resolve your problems.  We can be available on short notice and get things done in a timely manner.  Put us to the test. We’ll get you where you want to be in no time and keep you there!